Google to Put Self-Driving Cars

Google to Put Self-Driving Cars Through Rainy-Day Paces


Google on Wednesday announced that it has chosen Kirkland, Washington, as the next location to test its self-driving cars.

It picked Kirkland as the third test city to give the cars more experience driving in new environments, traffic patterns and road conditions, the company said.

Google has conducted testing mainly at or near its campus in Mountain View, California. Last year it expanded to Austin, Texas.

Its self-driving cars have racked up 1.4 million miles, the company said, adding that people in Kirkland soon may be able to catch a glimpse of the latest test vehicle, a Lexus RX450h.

The move to Kirkland will allow the autonomous team to experience different — notably wetter — conditions, while the area outside of Seattle is known for its winding roads and quick changes in elevation, according to Google.

Windows Dev Center Updates Coding4Fun Coding Site

The Windows Dev Center team has relaunched Coding4Fun with new content for the Universal Windows Platform. Coding4Fun is a site within the Windows Dev Center that’s offers fun and interesting code samples that feature the APIs available on the Universal Windows Platform. The site offers different, unique, and time-saving capabilities as you noodle around the project based content.
Coding4Fun includes complete source code provided under the MIT open-source license, and documentation on how to build the sample. Developers can build projects or simply run the sample to take a look at the build process. There are currently three projects posted with more in the pipeline that will offer a variety of project types ranging in complexity.
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